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Pasture-Raised Turkey

For your holiday table

Our Turkeys Get Rave Reviews

Because we raise our turkeys right--on grass and in the sunshine--they taste completely different than the ones you see in the store. So many of our customers tell us that they didn't really like turkey, until they had one of ours!

    The turkey we had at Thanksgiving that I purchased a few months ago was literally the best turkey any of us have ever had!! It was amazing!!
    Jennifer Martz
    We are excited to enjoy our fresh turkey on Thanksgiving, as we are sure that it will be as tender and delicious as other years. We cannot share enough praises for this farm and the owners. Wonderful products and very kind and caring owners, thank you for the extra care this year!!
    Cheri Mahoney
    Amazing products! Have been buying all of our meat at HHF for over 2 years now. Never purchase anywhere else.

    Frequently-Asked Turkey Questions

    Are these turkeys fresh or frozen?

    After many years of selling fresh turkeys, we have switched to only offering frozen turkeys.  The quality of these birds is the exact same as the fresh turkeys we've always sold, with these additional advantages:

    • You can be confident that you will receive the weight that you select.
    • Processing a bit earlier in the year is better for animal welfare.
    • We can now deliver direct to your door!

    Can you deliver my turkey?

    Yes! Make sure you choose Home Delivery as your delivery location, and be sure to select the date you want your turkey delivered. The last delivery day before Thanksgiving will be Friday, Nov. 17, which will give plenty of time for thawing in your fridge.  Your turkey will be delivered in a 9 x 11.5 x 15.5 inch box, so please leave a large cooler on your porch that will accommodate your Thanksgiving turkey.

    Can I pick up my turkey at the farm?

    Yes! Make sure you choose Hoosier Heritage Farm as your delivery location, and be sure to select the date you will pick up your turkey. We have limited freezer space in our store, so we appreciate if you can pick up the turkey on the day you select.

    How long will it take to thaw my turkey?

    A good rule of thumb is to allot 24 hours in the fridge for each 5 lbs of turkey weight.  So a 15 lb turkey will take 3 days to thaw, and a 20 lb turkey will take 4 days.

    How do I cook my pasture-raised turkey?

    You can use any of your favorite recipes to cook/grill/bake/smoke your turkey.  Just be aware that a pasture-raised turkey will generally cook faster than a store-bought turkey, so be careful not to over-cook it. Cooked correctly, these turkeys will be wonderfully moist and flavorful.

    What else is included with my turkey?

    All turkeys include neck and giblets inside.

    Do you cut up turkeys?

    Check our web site for turkey breasts, wings, and drums in addition to our whole turkeys.

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