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Pasture-Raised Food for Your Family

Healthy land.
Healthy animals.
Healthy people.

Why buy food from Hoosier Heritage Farm?


We produce animals the old-fashioned way, with lots of grass and sunshine—no growth hormones, no antibiotics, and no GMOs.

Superior Product

You simply can't buy high-quality food like this at the grocery store. Our customers are raving fans!

Direct to You

Buy our products right here, and choose delivery to your home, or pickup at the farm.

Our customers say . . .

We just cooked up the turkey you delivered a few days ago. It was absolutely delicious. Thank you so much.
Keith and Teri Bailey Keith and Teri Bailey
Being good stewards of the animals and land was a top priority in choosing Hoosier Heritage Farm. This is so evident in the high quality of the products offered. We are so pleased with the selection, past and present, the wide variety, and the amazing flavor!
Kathi Applebee Kathi Applebee
It made Angie and I both smile when we got our Hoosier Heritage Farm delivery today!
Darin and Angie Lawson Darin and Angie Lawson

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