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Hoosier Heritage Farm

What's in a name?

The mission of Hoosier Heritage Farm is to provide healthful food in a way that preserves the environment, produces happy animals, and meets the needs of local consumers.  Hoosier Heritage Farm is also a place for learning and healing for the community.

Family, honesty, work ethic, kindness, giving back, learning and growing . . . all these are values that characterize the great heritage that we have been given.  Our farm has been in the family since 1947, when my father and uncle purchased the land from Emmett R. Fertig, the mayor of Noblesville, Indiana.  In fact, the ownership of the land can be traced all the way back to homesteader Samuel Lennen, who acquired the farm from the US government in 1831, just 15 years after Indiana became a state.  

The name “Hoosier Heritage Farm” pays tribute to the courage, hard work, and integrity common to Indiana pioneers and citizens throughout our history.  Our aim is to continue this great heritage in 21st Century Hamilton County.  Situated in an area that many have come to appreciate because of its beauty and convenience to major economic centers, Hoosier Heritage Farm serves the needs of our community by tending the land, growing food, protecting green space, and providing opportunities for learning and growth.

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