My friends at Bear Creek Cattle, located in southern Indiana, use all the same protocols that Hoosier Heritage Farm adheres to: only non-GMO grains, no antibiotics, and no artificial growth hormones. They raise good, clean meat on pasture. Here is how they describe their farm:

"We are as proud of our farm and our heritage as we are our beef. We raise our beef the same way as our fathers and grandfathers; naturally – without hormones or antibiotics. Situated along Big Bear Creek in the rolling hills of Floyd and Washington County in southern Indiana, 7 generations of Hein and Marshall families have farmed the Bear Creek Cattle farms since the 1870’s. Our house, a log cabin built by our great-great grandparents provides a connection with our past and with nature. Today 4 generations live and work on the farm. We are fortunate to work together and pass our heritage and practices from generation to generation."

Bear Creek Cattle