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Farm Fresh Eggs

Farm Fresh Eggs

1 carton of 12 eggs
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These are brown eggs laid by our free-range Rhode Island Red, White Plymouth Rock, and Barred Rock hens. We add a new batch of hens to the flock every spring, so you might find a double yolk now and then when these young pullets start laying in the late fall.

WARNING: These eggs will ruin you for life for store-bought eggs! They have a wonderful firm texture, they have dark yellow yolks, and their fragrance is mouthwatering. Once you have them, you will never eat another store-bought egg. People that don’t like eggs love these!

Please note that availability may be limited. Chickens raised in a natural environment follow the seasons--they lay prolifically in the spring, and then slow down quite a bit in the fall and winter.  If we are out of stock, check back often.